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General Electric Staj Başvurusu İlanı

General Electric Staj Başvurusu İlanı
For students seeking a dynamic career doing meaningful work, GE offers extraordinary resources for growth and development within a collaborative culture of innovation that generates a massive global impact by leveraging digital technology for industrial assets.

What the world needs… is YOU 
Imagine inheriting a legacy of game-changing innovation – the light bulb, the turbine, the industrial internet – and being asked “What’s next?”
Imagine collaborating in an environment where your code commanded massive machines, your ideas built infrastructures; your input impacts countries; your diligence brokered global partnerships, your two cents sparked billions in new growth?
Imagine working with the top minds in your field – learning by doing. What if you thought of a way to do it better, and got not just a pat on the back, but the resources to realize your vision?
Imagine having multiple careers without ever having to start over – always growing upward and outward. What if it was all with one company, connecting diverse cultures, industries and economies?
Now, imagine yourself in five years. What if you could get there in two?
Imagine answering the question “so what do you do?” by saying that you were part of a team that saves 3,000 lives a day, OR launches an aircraft every two seconds, OR powers a third of the world. What if you were part of a team that did it all? Imagine a future and a career more dynamic than you ever dreamed of before.

What if you came to GE, and we helped you build that career? 
Internship Duration

The GEnius; Early Identification Development Program is 6 months’ internship program which runs from July to December. During the summer period, you are expected to work for five (5) days a week and from Mid-September through December on part time based on your academic schedule (at least 20 hours).

We offer real world challenges/ learn by doing, mentorship from/work with leaders in your field and opportunity to see where you fit.

Deadline for the applications is 1st April 2019.


Minimum Qualifications:

-Undergraduate students in below disciplines at 3rd or 4th degree in the following academic year (2019-2020) and maintaining student status throughout the internship
-Undergraduate of Engineering or Business Administration
-Have a high standard of written and spoken English
-Good command of MS Office Skills (MS Word, Excel, Power point)
-Committed to 6 months’ internship – Able to work full time from July to September and from September onwards, 20 hours per week by the end of the internship period

Preferred qualifications
-Strong academic performance
-Demonstrated leadership skills
-Team Players
-Strong communications skills
-Unyielding Integrity
-Passion for excellence
-Problem solver and dreamer

Main Responsibilities:
This role is responsible for the support of developing and implementing Field Marketing programs and field activities working in conjunction with sales teams, modality teams and other marketing functions. The position oversees the execution of programs through shared services resources including demand creation programs, performance monitoring/reporting, internal compliance and payment processes, client advocacy materials, market researches, market assessment and digital communications platforms. This position provides tactical program execution and evaluates program performance and in line with the Marketing Plan.


Years of Experience: Inexperienced

Level of education: Bachelor’s(Student)

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